Privileged Access Management Software

Privileged Access Management,(also referred as privileged user and password management, etc.) is about understanding who and what has access to system administrator and high-risk business, such as shared accounts. Privileged Access Management is important because it:

  • Makes sure that only Authorized people or programs can access high Risk Environments:Employees or recently laid off employees have many times caused damages to firsms and government agencies.One of the recent examples is NSA leak.System administrators can bypass any security control and this gives them access to most sensitive data. Controlling, monitoring, and auditing their privileged access is very important to managing insider threats and preventing data breaches.
  • Controls access and activities of outsourced system administrators,vendors and contractors: Many enterprises work with outsourced system administrators or vendors that often need to remotely connect to the system. It is more important to understand and control activities of these external privelege requestors.
  • Provides evidence for sensitive system access: There are numerous compliances that dictate access to sensitive systems: Almost every major regulation (e.g., HIPAA, FERC/NERC, SSAE 16 SOC 2, PCI-DSS) has sections related to controls of access to critical environments. Privileged Access Management allows  to automatically track who used which password, for which system, at what time, and what they did with that password.
  • Password Management for Application to Application access: when a script or program needs administrative privileges to run properly, privileged username and password must be provided. Since these information can not be provided interactively,professionals  hard-code these user names and passwords in clear text into configuration files. This information can easily  be viewed by unauthorized eyes and this may have dramatic results. API level Privileged Access Management can control privileged access and interaction of Applications.



Using Privileged Access Management,companies can control every kind of Priviledged Access to and between high risk environments. Modern and proper Privileged Access Management solutions must offer these features:

  • Password Management: Solution must have a web based and self service user interface and higly secured,encrypted backend. Besides solution must offer periodically password changes,validity checks.
  • Session Recording: Solution must be provide session recording option so that the whole or part of the privileged access session could be recorded for later reference.
  • Audit & Reporting: Access governance is one another important feature that must be supported. Periodic Access Reviews,Reporting,integration with SIEM applications must be easy to use and implement.


Bring IT Services help Enterprises to choose best in class Privileged Access Management solution, define policies and procedures  and setup a solid Privileged Access Management infrastructure.