Phishing Simulation & Training Software

<pstyle=”text-align: justify;”>Phishing is the most preferred way of attack accounting for 91% of attacks. It is generally known and accepted that  traditional security Tools like Antiviruses,Firewalls and others can not protect against Phishing Attacks. The only protection method that can succeed against Phishing Attacks is the User Education.

On the other hand, Traditional security programs have relied heavily on annual presentations and videos. Many efforts have been reactive rather than proactive (e.g., warning emails from IT departments). Besides being ineffective, it is also impossible to measure results and effectiveness of these methods.

Modern and effect awareness programs aim not to only improve knowledge of individuals, but also change their behaviour so that they practically learn how to react phishing attempts.

Proper Phishing Awareness Solutions include 3 main modules:

  • Simulation: Run a Phishing attack against your employees,test knowledge and behaviour of your employees before hackers do.
  • Training: Based on Simulated Phishing Attack results, assign  training modules to effected users. Training modules can be in Video,Quiz or Game format.
  • Measurement: Measure and Report results of Simulation and Training activities, view progress over time.


Check for Complete Quiz at (In Turkish,other languages are also supported)

Bring IT Services help Enterprises to choose best in class Awareness solution, define and implement Simulaton and Training processes and setup a solid infrastructure for Improvement of Awareness against Phishing Attacks.

Bring IT Services help Enterprises to define and implement Phishing Simulation and Training Processes
with the best in class solution which has following features.

Phishg Test and Training:

   – On Premise or Cloud Based Phishing Tests

   – On Premise or Cloud Based Awareness Trainings

   – Support for different languages like English,Turkish,Russian,Spanish and others..

   – Trusted by Enterprises,Financial Instutions

   – With the Prices it is Worth,not more..

   – And many more..

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