Data is Everything

The world runs on data, and most of it is Unstructured . Unstructured Data makes up 80 percent of all digitally stored data and it includes any type information created by People, Computers, Applications , Machines , Sensors .. As the data-driven economy grows, the amount of Unstructured data being produced grows as well .

Unstructured data presents a hidden danger for many enterprises. At a minimum, it can damage business operations and lead to spiraling storage costs, but even worse it is a regulatory compliance time bomb. Losing some of this information through Accidental Deletion or a Leak could harm your business. Many laws cover the management and security of unstructured data, Failing to comply can lead to fines or even lost court cases.

The value of Unstructured data is clear, but so are the costs of effectively protecting and managing it ! Enterprises have many Challanges in  management of Unstructured data . As the Business Requirements and Information Technology offerings evolve , management and protection of Enterprise Unstructured Data becomes more Challanging !!

At BRING IT Services , this is what we Focus On :

      –          Helping customers to have broad view of their Unstructured Data Landscape and Challanges .

      –          Developing strategies with effective,modern , forward-looking and affordable solutions to Protect and Manage Unstructured Data .

As our goal is meeting Enterprise Unstructured Data Requirements , We will keep progressing and adding new solutions and Services in Parallel to Changes in Requirements of Enterprises .

Currently we offer these Solutions:

– Phishing Test (Simulation) & Training

– Data Classification

– EndPoint Backup

– Priveleged Access Management