Data Problem ..

According to Gartner more than 80% of the information generated consists of unstructured data and the amount of unstructured data doubles every three months2. People use unstructured data in the normal course of business every day. While they may not be aware, they use it for creating, storing and retrieving reports, e-mails, spreadsheets and other types of documents .

The information contained in unstructured data is not always easy to locate. Several studies show that 25%-35% of a knowledge worker’s time is spent looking for information and about half the time they can’t find . Information they are looking for could be a content , report about usage of content , or

And Everyday things get more complicated . Years ago Unstructred Data mainly resided in Desktops , FileServers and Application Servers . Today Enterprises have data on Mobile Devices and Cloud , which adds more challanges to Data Management and Security Problems ..


What BRING Offers ..

BRING IT Services offers solutions to Enterprises to overcome the challanges they have in Data Management and Security processes . We help Enterprises to find ways to Manage and Secure their Data wherever it resides . Let it be :

  • Enterprise   Repositories
  • Desktops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Enterprise Cloud Repositories
  • Other ..



       Moreover , we  realise that each Enterprise has its own Data Challanges which is unique .We see each of these Challanges as a Puzzle to solve and we love working with these Puzzles .

       Contact us if you feel you have problems with handling your Unstructured Data .Whether we have a ready solution or not ,be sure  we will at least have a word or idea that may help you with your Challanges .